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Diode Laser Applied Fluoride Therapy in Prevent...
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Results of first part of the study is evaluation of firmly bound & loosely bound fluoride. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the amount of loosely bound fluoride and firmly bound fluoride formed after the application of APF gel and laser activated APF gel in acidic and neutral pH at different time intervals and also to compare and evaluate the pulpal response of 810nm diode laser to different power and duration (2W & 3W for 5secs ,15secs & 30secs) in laser assisted fluoride therapy. The study on pulpal response gives an overall impression of maximum inflammatory cell infiltrate in 810nm diode laser treated at a power of 2W for 5sec, animals treated at a power of 2W & 15sec showed the pulp was affected the least whereas only one animal showed minimal inflammatory cell infiltration. Animals treated at 3W & 15sec showed less inflammatory cell infiltration though dentin demineralisation was observed and in animals treated with 3W power and 30sec, only 1 animal had exhibited minimal inflammatory cell infiltration and cellular congestion.

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